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Glossary Fright Shipping


A document made out by or on behalf of the carrier(s) confirming receipt of the goods by the carrier and evidencing the contract between the shipper and the carrier(s) for the carriage of goods as described therein.

A fixed amount added to a rate to one station to make a rate to another station.

A notice from the ocean carrier to the “notify party,” indicating the vessel’s estimated arrival date; identifying shipment details such as number of packages, weight, and container number; and indicating when free time expires. Often includes a freight invoice.


Abbreviation: B/L, plural B/Ls.

A document which evidences a contract of carriage by sea.

Express B/L – Non-negotiable where there are no printed copies of original B/L.

Confirms the transfer of ownership of certain goods to another person in return for money paid or loaned.

The offering by a shipper of cargo for transport and the acceptance of the offering by the carrier or his agent.

The number assigned to a certain booking by the carrier or his agent.